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GAB for Traspoaion

GAB Transport Est.

We transport all kind of goods within the cities of Saudi Arabia. We also provide container transport services through all Sudi sea ports. GAB has a license from the Ministry of Transport No. 020211065500, which allows it to transport all sizes of Low-Beds to and from Saudi Arabia. We also have a contact with One of the largest goods insurance companies, as soon as we transferred your goods, it’s subjected to the insurance in the event of any damages that may accedinetly happened.


Choosing us means: making the right decision, in aright time.

Integrated fleet of different sizes to meet the needs of transportation services

Abroad Transportation

We have the appropriate capabilities to transport all types of goods from inside Saudi Arabia to all the GCC countries at competitive prices and high potentials.

Low-Beds Transportation

If your shipment is excess in length, width or height, GAP has the right solution to transfer it from the owner or factories and deliver it on time.

Container Transportation

GAB transfers containers of all sizes from the kingdom's ports and unloads them inside our contractors' warehouses and then returns them after unloading to the shipping agent.

Goods Transportation

We receive the goods from the warehouses of the contracting companies and ensure the safety of the goods when loaded, unloaded and transported to other parties in all cities of the Kingdom.

How We Do Our Job?