Wide network and hard work


Gab (Gayed Amin AL-Bakri) Freight International  is  an authorized company by FIATA and it’s at the forefront of global transportation and logistics the world over. A people powered organization, our network and infrastructure can be depended upon to move any cargo, to and from anywhere in the world, besides providing other supplementary services.


Established in 1981, the organization has expanded at an astonishing rate. With numerous agents and network associations, our infrastructure and services is extremely reliable. Since we have put the company into operation we have concentrated our efforts to perfect our service.


Our well qualified staff members are the guarantor for best consultationreliabilityrapidityflexibility.


Revolutionizing the transport, by being poineers in innovation and customer satisfaction.


1- Committed to provide world class service.
2- Being ahead in technology.
3- Having right resource at right time.
4-adhering to statutory and regulatory.
5- Global networking for effciency.
6- Enhancing profitability.

Benefits of choosing us

1- Packing & carting of cargo
• Stowing and preparing cargo for unloading onto ships and trucks containers etc.
• packing and carting of all type of movable goods.
• shrink wrapping and cvacuum packing of goods

2- lashing & lifting matreials
• suppluing complate range of lashing and lifting materials.
• lashing and securing of cargo on flat tracks.
• Pip lashing.

3- Storage and Warehousing
• We have modern well equipped warehouse facilities for any type of cargo.

what makes us different

Services We Provide

Sea Freight

GAB Freight International as a pat of World Freight Group uses an extensive network agent who is represented world-wide at nearly all the important airports. They are familiar with the local situation and can act as a contact for your client and provide them with fastest service.

Air Freight

as a shipper, GAB Freight International is always flexible in its anticipation of urgent deliveries seeing that they themselves always take care of the actual handling and the transportation of the goods before or after the shipping.


Even if the product is designed and manufactured safely, the product can be damaged or become unsafe during logistics or storage before being used by consumer customers. Issues such as physical damage during transportation and storage in the wrong environment that may endanger the product , these are all possible reasons.

Food Development

In the coming days, we will announce the development of food development services independently. We have studied the market need for a good study to provide the best studied services in the field of food development.

Custom Clearance

We provide customs clearance services for both exports and imports, whether by sea, air or land. We have an experienced team with sufficient experience and attention to all our customers' goods.


The company integrates all possible modes of transport as an international operating agent on a daily basis in a completely independent manner. We use carefully selected transport companies and local agents. Depending on the access point and type of goods, the company takes care of door-to-door delivery worldwide