Sea Freight

GAB Freight International acts fully independent and neutral which coordinates all the aspects of sea and air shipments that are from collection of the cargo from the warehouse to door delivery.
Besides this, as a shipper, GAB Freight International is always flexible in its anticipation of urgent deliveries seeing that they themselves always take care of the actual handling and the transportation of the goods before or after the shipping. Furthermore at all times equipment is available to transship full containers. Because of this high level of flexibility and an experience over 25 years the on and off loading times, as well as the delivery times from and to the sea ports are minimized which provide our customer with most efficient service.
Through the years we have built up an excellent relationship with a world-wide network of (local) agents. This gives us the opportunity to control your order from production up to every single destination world wide. We can therefore at all time supply the desired information like product planning, time of transport, departure, arrival and door-delivery.

Air Freight

If you decide to send your consignment by air it usually needs to be forwarded fast. It is important that on the destination the dispatch can also be affected fast. It wouldn't be the first time that goods stay at the airport for days because something is wrong, mostly due to local custom formalities, documentation etc.
Therefore GAB Freight International as a pat of World Freight Group uses an extensive network agent who is represented world-wide at nearly all the important airports. They are familiar with the local situation and can act as a contact for your client and provide them with fastest service. These agents have been carefully selected and of course can take care of all accompanying activities such as customs clearance, inspections, inland transportation, door delivery, -all with same care that we offer your products.
For the total process of world-wide shipments every specific shipment is carefully handle according to the needs of the customs. Our well experienced operation department is able to arrange collection of cargo from the warehouse, packing, inspection, customs clearance and forwarding etc. at the origin and door delivery to your customer at the destination.


Domain of Land Transport Department is managed by a dedicated team with 17 years of experience, who are well versed with the rules and regulations of region we tread.
Be it within UAE or GCC or within the Middle East, we specialized in LAND FREIGHT (Land Transport) services for both local or international transportation. We have our own fleet and great partnership with the most reliable hauler companies and aim to provide you with flawless service with easy access and well maintained chain of contacts at your fingertips.


As an international operating forwarding agent GAB Freight International integrates on a daily basis all the possible transport modes. On a fully independent and neutral basis we use carefully selected carriers and local agents. Depending on the route and the type of goods GAB Freight International takes care of world-wide door-to-door deliveries during which we select for our customers the best combinations for transportation either by sea, air, overland or by rail. As the basic element of all activities of the company, the Forwarding department coordinates all the services of the group with high quality standards both in container and in conventional transportation.


Even if the product is designed and manufactured safely, the product can be damaged or become unsafe during logistics or storage before being used by consumer customers. Issues such as physical damage during transportation and storage in the wrong environment that may endanger the product , these are all possible reasons.

Custom Clearance

We provide customs clearance services for both exports and imports, whether by sea, air or land. We have an experienced team with sufficient experience and attention to all our customers' goods.